Monday, 20 July 2015

We love rainy days!

Happy Nasturtiums
This has been a challenging season so far, with winter holding onto the province far past usual and an unusual amount of dry weather. It's really amazing to see how quickly things can grow if they get a few days worth of good soggy rain. Everything here has seemingly sprouted up overnight and we couldn't be happier!

As this year has been so dry, it's especially important to have a watering plan in place. Not watering frequently enough or watering at the wrong time of day can negatively impact your garden experience. To make the most of a dry season consider a few things for your watering schedule:

  • Watering in the morning gives plants the necessary moisture to make it through a hot day
  • Soil should be completely saturated
  • Providing a base for pots can help them hold onto moisture. Old plates or plastic containers work great! Just place them underneath so water doesn't run straight through the pot.
  • Newly sowed seeds or freshly planted seedlings will need extra hydration
  • Watering with fertilizer should be done in the morning or night. Fertilizing in the hottest part of the day can burn plants!
  • Plants still need water on overcast days, and it's super important! Dry overcast days are a great time for plants to recover from really hot, dry weather, and giving them enough water is crucial
  • Vegetables require a LOT of water, and twice a day may be a good idea when it's very hot. 

Happy watering!

The Garden Team

Our greenhouse shot up over the weekend!

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