Thursday, 23 July 2015


We're excited to announce that our Ontario Monarchs are emerging from their chrysalides! We hadn't expected them to emerge so quickly but the weather has been fantastic and they were able to shorten their time spent transforming. Unfortunately we won't be releasing this batch of butterflies into the wild. The caterpillars that we received were carrying a disease and we want to avoid spreading that to the native Monarch population, so we'll be keeping these butterflies with us for their lifespan. The NB Monarch is in the province though, so soon we'll have more caterpillars!

We were thrilled to get a video clip of one of them "hatching", and you can check it out on our instagram (@greener_village). We've got some pictures here for you to take a look at the monarchs!

You can tell a butterfly is ready to emerge when its
chrysalis goes clear! You can see the detail of their tiny
wings through the wall of the chrysalis.

When the butterfly first emerges its wings are tiny.
The butterfly's abdomen is filled with fluid to
fill the wings to their full size.

Gravity helps to fill the butterfly's wings, and once
the wings have reached their full size the butterfly
will release any leftover fluid.

The first day will mostly be spent testing out their
wings and hanging from various objects and they
likely won't eat anything on day one.

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