Monday, 29 June 2015

Welcome back!

We've had a very productive weekend! Our head Garden Coordinator from last year, Briana, was here and tagged along on a milkweed hunt. After following the waterfront trails and crossing the walking bridge, we've discovered that there is common milkweed everywhere! We also came across Dogbane, a very similar plant that is not useful to the monarch, and we took some pictures of that as well. We've taken a bunch of pictures so that you can have a look as well if you're out and about for Canada Day!

Briana found the common milkweed!

There's plenty of milkweed along the waterfront!
This was near the art gallery!

Common milkweed mixed in with grass

Common milkweed with flower heads

Dogbane looks very similar to milkweed
Common milkweed has large leaves

Common milkweed (left) and Dogbane (right) leaves

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